Description The new #1 Battle Royale IO Game Build, break, and eliminate opponents to upgrade your loot. Will you be the last one standing? How to Play: E/F - Interact with ground items and chests Left click - Shoot your weapon Right click - Scope to see enemies from further Q - Toggle build mode to build walls Space - Jump over walls and other obstacles Shift - Sprint R - Reload your weapon Tab - View and manage your inventory M - View the map and plan for the zone closing in Weapons In BuildRoyale there are 5 different rarities for weapons, gray is common, green is uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic, and gold is legendary. As you eliminate opponents, you can loot them to upgrade your inventory. Shotguns are used to fire a lot of bullets at one time and are good at close range. SMGs fire bullets quickly but their range is limited. The Scar and AR-15 are great medium-range weapons, however the AR-15 does slightly less damage but makes up for it in accuracy. The Scoped Assault Rifle is good for dealing damage at medium and long range and has a longer scoping radius than the regular assault rifles. The Rifle has 3 shots, does a large amount of damage, and is great for long-range combat. The Bolt has a single shot that when hit does an extremely large amount of damage, but you have to reload before being able to shoot it again. Also remember if you see bullets coming toward you, build!!! Gameplay Upon readying up, you will be put into a lobby. During the pre-game lobby you will be able to practice your building with 100 of each material, play soccer/basketball, and interact with the other people in the lobby. Once enough players have joined, you will be put into the actual match at a random spot on the map so you have to gear up by opening chests and picking up floor loot to start to eliminate opponents. Another important part about early game is gathering materials.

# Description From creators of GLOR.IO! Survival RPG game you've never seen before! Create farms and castles, fight the monsters, try to survive in a cold winter, ride motorcycle and shoot from crossbow, fight for the treasures and dominate the server! ## Features: Sword and Shields! Full-featured inventory system with storing items between sessions! Craft and build things! Personal and team transport! Dynamic fire! Many hats and different weapons, from club to fireball cannon! ##How to play? WASD to move Mouse to aim, left-click to action Tab/B/C/P/M - to open inventory/building menu/craft menu/map/teams Hold shift while building to build in a row! Hold shift while managing your inventory to split stacks! Ctrl + Left-Click on items in the chest to move it between your inventory and chests T to throw currently equipped items +/- to zoom camera 0-9 to select equipment Enter to chat P to open map ## How to get food? You can get food from creatures, like pigs/bears/penguins and others. But the best way - build a farm. Piggies growing up with a time and can give you more meat, so don't collect it from begin! How to equip Shield or Hat? Just open the inventory and drag a necessary item to shield/hat-slot. ## How to survive in winter? Try to avoid white bears, because of they very powerful! Prepare some dust and many logs and rocks before going to winter! Check your temperature bar, if you getting cold, you're dead, so create bonfires to warming up. Get fur from rabbits to make a fur hat, it allows you to keep heat longer. ## Where I can find diamonds? You can find diamonds in the winter. During the night you can see them on the map as pink quads. But be careful! During the night you lose heat faster! ## Where I can find hats? Sometimes treasures spawned in the world. You'll see notify message about it. Try to get the treasure first, because they contain many unique items and hats. Simple hats you can craft in your inventory. Almost all hats have some effects and improve you. ### How to store my items to use it in future? Just build a private chest! But you need to be authorized using facebook/google/discord. ### Why my axe is broken and disappear? Almost all weapons and tools in the game have durability. You can see it on the item icon in your inventory/equipment panel. Also, you can create repair box to repair items. ### Strategy tips: Axe and Club - is your best friends on start, build it immediately. After you levelling up and become stronger, try to find gold ore, it's necessary to build heartstone and didn't lose your progress after first death You can build bush hat and stay hidden on the minimap from other players! Don't forget about shields! It dramatically increases your chance to survive! Build traps, to stop animals and other players! - Start building your base and build archer towers, it can defend you from monsters! Don't go for treasures if you haven't hearstone! There are monsters and other players who wanna get it! When you build your hearstone, a nightmare can come to you, so be careful at night! Don't go in winter if you don't ready for it. Really, it's very dangerous. You can get some diamonds by killing werewolves during the night, try to build a motorcycle, it allows you to move faster! Try to find a team, or create a new one, because together you have more chances to survive! Diamond shield and golden hammer - great things to attack other bases! Thief hat can make you invisible during the night if you don't move. Use it to hide from accidentally enemy groups. Description ORBz is a game where your character have 3 orbs rotating in a fixed orbit. Each of these orbs cause damage to an enemy during contact. At the same time, you can receive damage from other players if their orbs reach you. You start with 100 health points. While you explore the map, you will find figures that when you pick them up will give you one health point. You will have to collect multiple of these until your orbs will become strong enough to kill other players. While you play, your character and orbs will get bigger depending on your health. If you are bigger other enemies can hit you easier, but your orbs become bigger too, dealing more damage. You can also control the orbit distance of the orbs (the distance from your character to the orbs) making it farthest or closest if you need it. This comes with a side effect, expanding the radius will slow you down but giving you a chance to catch players far away, while stretching the radius will make you faster to escape from other players. The three orbs are rotating at a constant speed, but you can boost the velocity giving up some health while you do. Controls in PC You move around using the cursor, the character will follow it. To increase the orbit radius use the right click. Contrary, to decrease the radius use the left click. To boost the orbiting velocity use the spacebar. Levels, Coins and Skins At the end of a match (when you die) you will be awarded with an amount of XP and coins (in addition to the score points) that you can use to buy skins in the shop. There are two types of skins: Common skins, which can be unlocked only by leveling up. And Premium skins, which you can buy with the coins you earned (these can also have a level requirement). Also you can customize the color of your character using the hue slider.

## About is a tactical, arena-based shooter. Select your weapon, armor and color. Attack and defeat other players to gain points, use points to unlock perks and special abilities. offers 21,600 unique class + perk loadouts to suit any play style. Player stats are recorded and can be viewed at ### Controls Select your weapon, color and armor from the selection screen, then click PLAY. Move around using the WASD keys, or the arrow keys. Shoot using Left click. Reload by pressing R Key Use advanced powerups by pressing Spacebar As you gain points by damaging other players, perks will be unlocked. You can view and select perks by clicking the yellow upgrade icon on the HUD. There are three perk tiers in total. The first tier becomes available at 100 points, the second tier at 300 points and the third at 600. #### Strategies You can use the objects on the map as cover from enemy fire. Pay attention to your opponents, they will have to reload once they've run out of ammo, you can use this to your advantage. There is a special square in the center of the map which awards points to players who occupy it. Be careful though, the square is a very dangerous area and you'll have to defend yourself against other players. There are different perks which can be used together to suit your play style. Some players prefer an aggressive run-and-gun approach, and others prefer to be stealthy. Keep in mind that heavier weapons and armor will slow down your movement speed. Smaller weapons and lighter armor types allow you to travel quickly. ** servers support a maximum of 64 players each. The map area will automatically increase and decrease in size depending on how many people are on the server. This means that you don't have to travel too far to get into the action. The out of bounds areas of the map are coated with a dangerous fog, you'll be able to survive in the fog for a short while, but don't stay out there for too long!