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 10 Description About "Explore, Expand and Exterminate in space ..."

Fast-paced tactical space strategy domination game!

How to Play OBJECTIVE Capture Majority of :homeworld: Homeworlds to Win

SEND ALL Fighters Left Click Source Planet, LEFT Click Target Planet

SEND 50% Fighters Left Click Source Planet, RIGHT Click Target Planet

SCROLL Map Click Drag or WASD / Arrows

OPTIONS SHIFT + Left Click Send 50% Fighters RIGHT Click Source / Target to Cancel SPACEBAR Snap to Homeworld TAB Show InGame Stats

BUILD Rate Big Planets Build Fighters Faster

DEFENSE Buff Link Planets for Defense Bonuses

SCAN Ability Reveal any Point in Space

EMP Ability Lock Enemies to Orbit, Zap Launched Fighters

SHIELD Ability Make your Orbiting Fighters Invincible

CANNON Ability Bombard All Fighters at Target Planet details
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